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Longji Terraced Fields

Dragon Back Rice Terrace is located approximately 27 kilometers (about 16 miles) southeast of Longsheng County, Guangxi Province. It has been considered as the most amazing terrace in China.

The history of the rice terrace

The terrace rice fields were first built in the Yuan Dynasty (about 800 years ago) and completed in the Qing Dynasty as the crystallization of the wisdom and labor of the Zhuang people.

The scale of the rice terrace

The Dragon Back Rice Terrace covers an area of 66 square kilometers (about 16308 acres) and spans an altitude between 300 meters (about 984 feet) and 1100 meters (about 3608 feet). Even though the Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces is large, it is made up of numerous patches no more than 1 mu (it is a traditional unit of area in China, currently call shimu) (about 0.16 acres).

The intoxicating scenery of the rice terrace

Built along the slope winding from the riverside up to the mountaintop, the terrace rice fields unfold an amazing natural picture. The coiling line spirals up from the mountain foot to the top, making the mountain looks like huge snail seen afar. It is said, "Where there is soil, there is a terrace." It spreads in the valley with clear rivers flowing along the foot of mountains and the white cloud swirling around the mountain summit.

The picturesque beauty in different seasons

The Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces is a beautiful natural picture. The linked together rice terraces vary from season to season. Spring In spring, the water is irrigated into the fields and the terraces look like great chains or ribbons hung on the hillsides. Summer When summer approaching, it is magnificent as green terrace after terrace cascade down the side of the mountain into the valley below. Autumn The theme of autumn is the harvest, with the mountainside decorated with the gold of ripened millet. Winter Coming into winter, the whole mountain will be covered with white snow, just like huge dragons playing with water.

Visit neighboring ethnic villages

Apart from its amazing scenery, the Dragon Back Rice Terrace is also the area to experience the rich ethnic groups' culture. The Zhuang and the Yao nationalities live here, though mainly it is the Zhuang people. Surrounded by lush vegetation, the interesting ethnic villages nestle in the valley with limpid rivers running.

The women dress in colorful costumes and with long hair wrapped around their head in a sort of turban. The villagers are good at singing and dancing. You may join them to enjoy the original Zhuang life and culture, and even stay with local families enjoying the local delicacy and drink the Longji tea and the Longji wine.

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