Li-An Lodge - Guilin, Guangxi, China


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Traditionally, if you were to walk in the home of a local Zhuang farmer, or any family in the region, you would come immediately face-to-face with the shrine toward nature. In this room, Zhuang minority people’s daily life objects and decoration are displayed, including a shrine, stonemill, tree bark clothing, bamboo hat, utensils and old harvest tools. Historically, the various nationalities and tribes used shrines to pay homage to their gods - the most important focus in their lives. The order of respect went like this: Heaven, Earth, literati, teachers and friends. Twenty-five years ago, Ping An was a very isolated mountain village, taking people a whole days’ walk to get here; hence everything remained quite primitive. Without electricity, stone water mills husked the rice. Find one here along with other artifacts from the older way of life in the comfort of modern times. You can revere the beauty of the hills outside the windows and in your own way pay homage to nature in the Harvest room.


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Li-An Lodge
Ping An Village, Heping Xiang, Longsheng County
Guilin, Guangxi, China
Call: +86-773-758-3318


Li-An Lodge, Longji Terraces, Longsheng County, China

Li-An Lodge Hotel in the Longji Terraces area of Longsheng County, Guangxi Province, China offers 16 individually designed rooms that feature local Chinese arts and crafts and views of the enchanting rice terraces of Ping'an village.