Li-An Lodge
Ping An Village, Heping Xiang, Longsheng County
Guilin, Guangxi, China

Keren Su's Photographs

GEO Magazine, March 3, 2013

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Good Morning America

Good Morning America's host, Lara Spencer, raving about photos of Harp Seal pup taken by Keren Su.

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For Microsoft Windows 7

Keren Su's three photos were selected as the wallpaper of Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 7 Chinese. The photo of the rice terraces was taken from a window of the Li-An Lodge that overlooks the terraces below.

National Geographic Traveler, January/February, 2008

Featuring Keren Su's photography of rice terraces in Guangxi, China, where Li-An Lodge is located.

"I took this photograph in the valley of Longji, or Dragon Spine," says photographer Keren Su. "The area has these breathtakingly beautiful hills sculpted into tightly packed rice fields that wrap around the hillsides. Because China has a huge population and scarce arable land, we have had to cultivate whatever arable land we can -- and endured great hardship in doing so. The most remarkable aspect of this scene is that it captures the spectacular scale of these terraces. The rice terraces in Bali, Indonesia, may be world famous, but to me there is no comparison. The valley here is deep, dropping 3,000 feet, and these terraces are carved on steep slopes from top to bottom. The plantings are tended by the Zhuang people, who created this marvelous landscape. I was lucky that a Zhuang girl in traditional red costume and bamboo hat happened to be working in the paddy that day, carefully pulling out weeds. This is typical: The Zhuang look after their land with great care and love. The red dot of the girl against the vast green landscape created a wonderful color combination and composition. For in the end, photography, to me, is like painting: composition and color are the key elements."

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