Li-An Lodge
Ping An Village, Heping Xiang, Longsheng County
Guilin, Guangxi, China

Terrace View Suites

The Terrace View Suites are our two most spacious rooms with the best views over the rice terraces and the valley below.

FourSeason_04 FourSeason_05 FourSeason_03 (1) FourSeason_01 FourSeason_02

Four Seasons

 This room showcases the traditional Chinese architectural elements, from furniture to detailed ornamental pieces.

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Celadon_02 Celadon_03 Celadon_04 Celadon_01


 This room boasts of a great collection of celadon porcelain and is further enhanced by custom made furniture and harmonious interior paint.

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Terrace View Rooms

All Terrace View Rooms have lovely views looking over the surrounding rice terraces and the valley below.

Melody_01 Melody_02 Melody_03 Melody_05


In this room you will see the very interesting Chinese music melody. An old music instrument is displayed in the specially made furniture.

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Calligraphy_01 Calligraphy_02 Calligraphy_03 Calligraphy_04 Calligraphy_05


The objects displayed in the room tell the evolution of Chinese calligraphy since 5000 years ago. 

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Rock_01 Rock_02 Rock_03


In the old days, Chinese people rely on stone made carved stamps for signatures to put on official or important documents. Even in the present day, stamps are still used.

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DoubleHap DoubleHap_02 DoubleHap_03

Double Happiness

The room is decorated with a marvelous collection of different objects bearing happy elements.

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Window_01 Window_02 Window_03 Window_04


This is a corner room with windows on two walls to view the magnificent of the outside landscape. Another two walls in the room are decorated with built-in windows in the traditional Chinese architectural style. 

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Harvest_01 Harvest_02 Harvest_03 Harvest_04 Harvest_06 Harvest_07


 It is furnished with special hand made furniture and utensils which can be found in local people’s house, such as stone mill, raincoat made of palm tree bark and bamboo hat.

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Standard Rooms

All Standard Rooms are twin rooms with no view of the terraces.

BlueWhite_01 BlueWhite_02 BlueWhite_03 BlueWhite_04

Blue and White

This room has a wonderful collection of under-glazed blue porcelain from different times during China’s history. 

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Silk_01 Silk_02(1) Silk_03


The written booklet on the desk tells about all the objects related with silk displayed in the room, from silk cocoons to the embroidery pieces made of silk. 

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Abacus_01 Abacus_02 Abacus_04 Decorations_013


Abacus is a wonderful but sadly vanishing culture. Objects related with this interesting counting tool are displayed in this room. 

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Batik_01 Batik_02 Batik_03 Batik_04 Batik_05


The motif of this room is batik, so pieces related with batik are displayed, from the plant of indigo to a fabric with wax painted pattern. 

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WoodBlock_04 WoodBlock_01 WoodBlock_02 WoodBlock_03

Wood Block

The interior of this room is decorated with colorful wood block prints from different parts of China. 

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TerraCotta_01 TerraCotta_02 TerraCotta_03 TerraCotta_04

Terra Cotta

Terracotta is one of the oldest Chinese earthenware art craft, but is delicately made involving complicated procedures. 

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Boat_01 Boat_02 Boat_03 Boat_04


This room introduces Chinese folk art craft of carving and is furnished with special hand-made furniture in Chinese ancient boat style. 

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Aroma_01 Aroma_02 Aroma_03


In a way, the decoration of this room somewhat resembles an old-day Chinese pharmacy. It displays a wealth of flowers and plants traditionally used for Chinese medicine. 

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