Li-An Lodge
Ping An Village, Heping Xiang, Longsheng County
Guilin, Guangxi, China

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Double Happiness

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Share the joy and fun of a Chinese wedding with someone you love in the Double Happiness room. In China, color is used as a cultural symbol. Red always symbolizes happiness and good things. In China, if you are popular you’re a “Red Person,” like a movie star. Red is very much used for congratulations, success, prosperity and good fortune. During weddings, both the bride and groom wear red clothes. Weddings also always feature 喜喜, the calligraphy for “double happiness.” No one knows when the Chinese started doing this and you won’t find that letter in any Chinese dictionary. It’s a totally unofficial calligraphy, which has become an important Chinese wedding symbol. After the wedding ceremony ends, the Chinese custom is to play in the new couple’s “cave room.” The newlywed traditional bed is so richly decorated it’s like a cozy cave, especially the carved panel surrounding the headboard. Sadly, this custom has now been abandoned. Fortunately you will be lucky enough to find one of those old beds, salvaged and restored, in Double Happpiness. Surround yourself with other artworks foretelling a peaceful married life in this festive, happy room.


  • IDD Service
  • Wireless
  • Hot Water Shower
  • Laundry
  • Drinkable Tap Water